Welcome to Darin Ashby Art!

Welcome to Darin Ashby Art. This site features the many artistic styles of Darin Ashby. From the elegant pencil drawings to the Renaissance master works paintings in oils, you will find something to complement your collection, and enhance your life. His current subject matter includes Children's art, Native American, Christian, or Renaissance paintings... to commissioned paintings both original or a reproduction of a Master's work.


Darin Ashby Awarded Best of State 2013


SIX Medals in all! For 2013 Darin Ashby was nominated and awarded one medal again this year for Best of State 2013 for Drawing and Illustration which brings his title now to 6 time winner! In 2010 he won the prestigious 2010 Best of State award in Drawing and Illustration. He won again in 2011 for both categories including classical painting. Again in 2012 in both categories and now 2013. Congratulations! Look below for some of the latest works in pencil and oils by Darin. 


Pencil Drawings

ImagePortraits in Pencil - Commission a portrait of someone you love.  Darin's work has been compared to such great American artist's as Norman Rockwell, who is one of Darin's inspirations. Darin would be the first to tell you that he is no where close to such a great master of our times, but as he continues to study and to create works you can see the influence of such a great artist in his work.

As Darin is inspired by other great works, let Darin complete a work of one of your inspirations... your children! Pencil portraits are a very inexpensive way to add original art to your collection and Darin Ashby Art will send you the image already framed and ready to hang on your wall!  What could be easier than that?! An 8x10 original image in pencil matted and framed starts around $395 for a single portrait. Order a quantity of 2 or more and receive a discount on your matting and framing. Click on the link below to find out just how affordible these portraits can be and to find out what you need to do to start this process! Thanks for taking the time to visit and view the art of Darin Ashby. May his work find a spot in your heart and home.

Oil Paintings

Make a wish too! Portrait in oil
Commission Darin Ashby to paint a portrait in oils! Darin has been trained in the classical Renaissance style of the masters by one of the last  Classically trained Italian Master Artists left in the United States. Together with his guidence and influence, Darin is able to recreate a Renaissance Master's painting in amazing detail and in the same methods used by the Rennaissance Masters or transfer this knowledge and ability into a modern day portrait of your direction. All the processes used will ensure your painting is created and preserved under the highest standards as the true Masters used hundreds of years before.

This portrait was created for the Greenwich Workshop® SmallworksNorthAmerica™ juried art exhibition and sale. This portrait of Brooklyn was painted in oils on canvas. The process is much more time consuming than a pencil drawing but the results will last for hundreds of years.  Every oil painting on canvas is then mounted to board to ensure that your investment will last for generations to come.  Each oil painting must also be revisited by Darin around the first anniversary date to have the finishing touches put on the painting to preserve and protect the image. Click on the link below to find out the process and details on what you need to do next to start the Oil commission process.